1. Supergraphics

    I’ve been off blogging for a while now, Since im focusing on my college projects(finally). Well today i stumbled on something very interesting, i thought its worth sharing. 

    Came across this post about “SUPERGRAPHICS” in a graphic magazine site called unit Edition (Unit Editions is a new, progressive publishing venture producing high-quality, affordable books on graphic design and visual culture).

    Unit Editions has a book published on Supergraphics. How supergraphics can trasform space. This is a good piece of info from unit Edition: Supergraphics was the name of an architectural movement in the 1960s and 70s that saw architects attempt to ‘remove solidity, gravity, even history’ by the simple act of applying paint and graphics to the interior and exterior surfaces of buildings.

    I knew the term as environmental graphics for supergraphics. One of my favorite designer Paula Scher has some really good examples of supergraphic. Her bold use typography on architecture is definitely mesmerizing. I think when you see type or design in a spatial environment, its the scalethat makes it so dramatic and is effective in communicating message. Recent example of supergraphic on wayfinding in parking by Paula scher is very innovative. Shows her initial concept and the final execution. Also at design museum, the building has Wim crouwel’s typography work on the building. Installed by Tony brook from spin. The type and complimentary colors on the building is so inviting. Have been planning to visit the exhibition.

    Design meuseum: Installation by Tony Brook for Wim Crouwel exhibition

    Paula Scher: supergraphics

    Along with Type, some really nice illustrations on buiding. Work by micheal Craig, a British artist has some very nice examples. His simple line drawings with bright colors and using space to convey his concepts is very impressive. 

    Micheal Craig

    Micheal Craig

    After i attended a graffiti workshop back home, i’ve been drawn more towards Supergraphics. This is just my initial research on supergraphics. I want to explore more on supergraphics. 

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